Why I Left HaloFollower


As many people within the community know, HaloFollower is currently the largest Halo channel on YouTube, and a source of a lot of drama and tension over the past few years. Today, I want to discuss the part I played in HaloFollower, the effect it has had on me, and the reason why I left the company.

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Star Wars: Rebels, Twin Suns – A Narrative Appraisal


I feel like I’ve done my ‘geek cred’ something of a disservice by failing to write about Star Wars in the three and a half years that I’ve been running this blog…

That largely stems from the fact that I simply don’t feel that I have much in the way of unique or interesting things to say about Star Wars that a billion other people haven’t articulated in a billion different ways. Discourse and analysis about Star Wars is as ‘lived-in’ as its setting, so I don’t really think that I have a whole lot to add to that unending cacophony.

However… every once in a while there’s a landmark moment in Star Wars that nags at me to do some sort of write-up because it really hammers home why I love this series.

Twin Suns, the latest episode of Star Wars: Rebels, was one of those moments.

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