Patreon/Discord Announcement

After releasing the first month of content on my YouTube channel, as well as re-branding CloneBoyOllie, I have decided to announce two more ways that subscribers and fans can interact with me and keep the channel moving forward.

The first of these is Patreon. I aim to constantly improve my videos and that requires purchasing new recording equipment or editing software, so I have set up a page where you can pledge as little as a dollar a month to CloneBoyOllie and receive tiered rewards delivered at the end of every month. On the page, you will find the plans for my channel, all of the new content as soon as it comes out, as well as a link to my Discord server.


The second method of support can be found through this Discord server – which is free to join. Here, you can interact with me personally and be given roles corresponding to your level of support on Patreon, also unlocking special channels and privileges for the higher-level patrons. If you are not willing to support me monetarily, you will still be granted the “Clone Cadet” role on the server, and be notified when new videos come out. Patreon rewards will be delivered through Discord and the site itself, on top of me messaging those who have pledged for early access to videos or those who wish to collaborate with me on future projects.


The initial plan was to provide the first month of content for the CloneBoyOllie channel (January 2018), then announce these avenues of support if people wanted to see more of the projects that I create. By giving examples of the type of content I will be regularly producing, I would show the new direction for the channel and get a few people onboard. If you wish to support me on either Patreon by donating, or Discord by joining the server, please click on the links below. Feel free to share this post with those who may be interested, and I hope that you will join me for the next year of CloneBoyOllie!






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