Oliver Randall is currently an Illustration student at the University of Gloucestershire, and has a love for experiencing and creating stories. He has previously written for the likes of HaloFollower and XboxCulture, and is now working on his own science-fiction novel series.

As an avid lore reader, he likes to engross himself in the deep history of many stories, such as Halo, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. Through his art, he is able to visually communicate his own interpretation of various stories, which are brought to life through combination with his proficient writing skills.

Ollie is a perfectionist who uses detail to enrich his illustrations, articles, and appreciation of modern games. With an analytical eye, he loves to deconstruct the fictional worlds he is passionate about, and express what is truly special about them. Gaming plays a large part in him becoming immersed in a good visual story, and he enjoys the Assassin’s Creed, Zelda and Pokemon series because of this immersion.

He wants to share these passions with others through his creativity, and encourages readers to join him on his journey through some of the most influential stories in recent history.