Patreon/Discord Announcement

After releasing the first month of content on my YouTube channel, as well as re-branding CloneBoyOllie, I have decided to announce two more ways that subscribers and fans can interact with me and keep the channel moving forward.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Thematic Narrative Review


Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out last December after a two-year wait, from the explosive return to the series that was The Force Awakens. After watching it and having a while to digest my thoughts, do I believe this sequel was worth the wait? Yes, in fact, I would go so far as to put The Last Jedi in my top three Star Wars films – just below Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Sith. While the fanbase has become surprisingly divided over this film, I remain on the side of positivity when it comes to looking at it with an analytical eye. Sure, there are problems with it; there are problems with every Star Wars movie; but overall The Last Jedi is, in my opinion, the best film we’ve gotten in this series since…well, Revenge of the Sith. But that’s not what this review is about, instead, I want to go over what exactly makes Episode VIII one of the best, and why it is worthy to be in my top three Star Wars films of all time.

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The Perfection of The Silent Cartographer

The Silent Cartographer is the name of the fourth mission of Halo: Combat Evolved‘s campaign. Though the overall game itself helped to redefine the FPS genre on consoles, and had a beautifully-crafted story, the actual gameplay and map design of Halo‘s campaign levels left little to be desired. Today, I am going to talk about what I believe to be the greatest example of these elements in the whole game – The Silent Cartographer.

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DOOM – The Halo Game That We All Wanted

“Finish the Fight…like Hell”

DOOM released last year to critical acclaim and became one of the standout titles of the year – a reboot of a classic game geared towards modern fans of the FPS genre. While this game certainly didn’t go under my radar, it wasn’t something that initially appealed to me because I don’t usually go for graphic titles with a lot of gore in them. For this reason, I didn’t get my hands on DOOM until recently. A friend picked it up for me and so I had to at least try this thing that I had already decided wasn’t for me.

Hell, was I wrong (“hell” being the optimal word). Put simply, DOOM (2016) is a modern gaming masterpiece and manages to right a lot of things that recent FPS games have gotten wrong. One comparison that I want to focus on today is between DOOM and Halo 5: Guardians, which was released only a year before in 2015 and shares a lot of similarities – not just because they both have silent, green power-armour clad protagonists. In a way, the DOOM reboot could be seen as a long-lost game in the Halo series. If Halo 5 suffered from many problems, then DOOM is its better half.

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Star Wars: Rebels, Twin Suns – A Narrative Appraisal


I feel like I’ve done my ‘geek cred’ something of a disservice by failing to write about Star Wars in the three and a half years that I’ve been running this blog…

That largely stems from the fact that I simply don’t feel that I have much in the way of unique or interesting things to say about Star Wars that a billion other people haven’t articulated in a billion different ways. Discourse and analysis about Star Wars is as ‘lived-in’ as its setting, so I don’t really think that I have a whole lot to add to that unending cacophony.

However… every once in a while there’s a landmark moment in Star Wars that nags at me to do some sort of write-up because it really hammers home why I love this series.

Twin Suns, the latest episode of Star Wars: Rebels, was one of those moments.

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